Why Buy A Plate with CazReg?

CazReg are a dedicated Team, who are always available to assist you throughout your transaction of purchasing your desired private plate. We have a great selection of Private Number Plates including; Current Style Number Plates, Suffix Style Number Plates, Prefix Style Number Plates, Dateless Number Plates and Dateless Northern Ireland Number Plates. At CazReg, we are here to assist you in finding which style is right for you. Not only helping you to find your plate, we will also assist you in completing your purchase and if desired, we will handle all the registration documents involved to make the process as straightforward and smooth as possible.

Found A Plate, What Next?

Once you have found your desired plate that you would like to purchase, you can follow the simple online process to complete your order.
Alternatively, you can call a member of the CazReg Team on 01276 22 4 22 or email sales @cazreg.co.uk and we would be happy to help.
We aim to provide you with your personalised plate within 1-12 working days from time of purchase. We will start to process the order immediately but just request that you return all required information as quickly and accurately as possible.

Payment Methods?

At CazReg, we are always looking for ways to make your experience as smooth and easy as possible. Thats why we have provided you with many option payments to purchase your desired plate:

  • Card or Debit Card (All Major cards accepted)
  • Direct Bank Transfer
  • Paypal

2001- Present

Plates used in the current system

Format: Letter/Letter/Number/Number/Letter/Letter/Letter

1983- 2001

Year identifier at the beginning of plate

Format: Letter/Number (between 1- 3 digits)/Letter/Letter/Letter

1960s- 1983

Year identifier at the end of the plate

Format: Letter/Letter/Letter/Number (between 1- 3 digits)/Letter


Registrations without any year identifiers can be place on to any vehicle

Northern Irish plates are dateless plates which can be transferred to UK Vehicles.

Letter/Letter/Letter/Numbers (between 1- 4 digits)